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About the Artist

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While growing up, Jennifer always loved to draw fairies, mystical women, unicorns, dragons, and fantasy creatures. She would spend hours in New Age shops, browsing the beautiful cards and figurines, finding inspiration through those enchanting images.

After college, Jen started to think about her professional art career. The path to finding her artistic niche was long, hard, and often misguided, but the culmination of her journey is Magickal Art.

Her artistic goal is to conjure feelings of peace, joy, hope, and mystery--of something larger than this world, that many fantasy artists evoked in Jennifer while growing up, and continue to do today.

Jennifer's artwork is reproduced in the form of art prints as well as many different gift items. Her art can be found in stores throughout the United States, the U.K. and Australia as well as some online retailers.

Jennifer lives in New England with her husband, Richard, and seven year old daughter, Samantha.

About Magickal Art

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Magickal Art was born through a love of faeries, fantasy, and New Age gifts. The owner/artist, Jennifer Galasso, always loved to draw and paint fairies, mystical women, unicorns, dragons, and fantasy creatures, while growing up. She would spend hours in New Age shops, browsing the beautiful cards and figurines, as a source of unending inspiration.

After college, Jen started to think about her professional art career. The path to finding her artistic niche was long, hard, and often misguided, but the culmination of her journey is Magickal Art.

Her artistic goal is to conjure feelings of peace, joy, hope, and mystery--of something larger than this world, that many fantasy artists evoked in Jennifer while growing up, and continue to do today. Magickal Art seemed like a fitting name for a company that deals with spirituality, mysticism, and the enchanting realms of our imagination.

Magickal Art is a still a small company--keeping that in mind, we will do our best to fill orders as quickly as possible. We strive to always produce the highest quality products, and value our customer relations as the life of this business.

Art Usage

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Below is a description of how the artwork on this site may be used. Please follow the guidelines exactly as all of the images on this site are copyrighted. If you haven't already, please review our Copyright Policy.

Authorized retailers may post our images on their own websites for the sale of said products. The images must not be altered unless the alterations have been approved by us. They may not be used as a logo, banner, advertisement, etc. without written permission from us. Authorized retailers need not link back to us when using our images to sell our products, although we always appreciate a link.

Artwork as Signature Tags:

I've recently signed with MyPspTubes.com (MPT). They'll be handling the distribution of my digital images to signature groups as of April, 2008. Because of this, I have pulled permission on the use of my artwork in signature groups; please refrain from using my images until you've purchased a license for their legal use.

Thank you to all who have shown an interest in my work and who comply with my rules for use.

Artwork on your web page:

Jennifer's artwork may be posted on non-profit websites if the website owners comply with the usage rules below:

  • A written credit must be provided to Jennifer (as the artist and sole creator of the image, ie. Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2006, (or applicable year), and must link to this website (www.magickal-art.com) each time that the image is used. The credit MUST appear in close proximity to the image, NOT as a footer or a disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage or on another page all together.
  • Images must not be "hotlinked" to this site. If you plan to use images on your website according to the rules listed, you must download the image and then upload it to your own server. To link an image to this site directly, you will use up our bandwidth, which is unfair to us, and will slow things down for users trying to browse our site.
  • The images must not be distorted, cropped, altered, or "enhanced" in any way, except for glittering. The border of the image may be faded, or feathered, or a tasteful frame may be added. The images cannot be collaged with other artwork, and colors cannot be changed.
  • Images must NOT be used on any pornographic websites, or any websites that promote any distasteful or abhorrant points of view. Sites containing violence, racism, extreme profanity, and the like are strictly prohibited from using any artwork copyrighted by Jennifer Galasso and Magickal Art, LLC.
  • Artwork must not be distributed in any form, unless by a licensed wholesaler/retailer.
All of the images contained within this site are optimized for the web and are not suitable for print or for use in any other capacity than they are currently being used.

*Note to those who purchase a print or an original artwork from this site or from a retailer:
When you purchase a print of an artwork or an original piece of art, you own that SINGLE piece of artwork. If you would like to scan in the piece to use as wallpaper or some other personal use, you are within your rights to do that. Distribution of the piece for profit is illegal and prohibited. The art usage guidelines above as to using the piece of work on a website still apply. Even when an original piece of art is purchased, the rights to that artwork will forever belong to the artist, unless the artist sells the rights along with the actual original piece. In any and every situation, prints may be produced and distributed ONLY by the artist or licensed distributors.

Artwork as body art:

Jennifer is flattered when a person wants to ink one of her images permanently, however, the tattoo artist must not be left with the stencil, with which they can resell the image as a tattoo to other customers. If a tattoo artist is interested in licensing an image/images for resale in their studio, please email us at licensing@magickal-art.com.

Jennifer has recently licensed her artwork to enchantedtattoos.com, a great site, containing the artwork of many of today's beloved fantasy artists. The site sells affordable, high resolution prints of the images so that they can easily be made into a one-time-use tattoo stencil.

If you do have a tattoo made of one of Jennifer's images, we would love to see a photo. Please send it to jennifer@magickal-art.com.

In Closing:

Art theft is rampant on the internet, whether it's intentional or not. Some people don't realize there are laws that protect artists, and others choose to ignore these laws. Please try and help us stop those who violate copyright laws. If you see anyone using our artwork in a questionable fashion or in blatant disregard for our art usage, please email us at support@magickal-art.com.

Thank You!


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All of the artwork contained within this site is copyrighted and protected by the US Copyright Office.

Anyone found using artwork without a signed licensing agreement by the artist will be subject to litigation.

Using artwork without license is stealing. We will soon have free graphics up on the site for general use, so please check back. For now, please review our Art Usage, or our Licensing info, for more information on how the art contained within this site may be used lawfully.

For more information regarding artists and their rights, please visit www.artslaw.org.

If you are interested in obtaining a licensing contract to use Jennifer's artwork on your products, please email us at licensing@magickal-art.com.


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If you would like to use our artwork for a product or service, we are accepting licensing applications.
To contact us with regard to licensing Jennifer's work, please e-mail us at: licensing@magickal-art.com.

Jennifer's art may not be used without a prior written and signed licensing agreement. All of the work contained within this site is copyrighted.
Please view our copyright policies.

Jennifer's art is licensed for beautiful figurines, decorative ceramic tiles, candle sconces, mugs and more
through one of the country's leading sources of quality collectible giftware...


Jennifer's artwork is licensed for wonderful, hand-poured, clean burning jar candles, featuring her series of Birthstone Fairies...


Jennifer's artwork is licensed for beautiful fabric blocks and scrapbooking materials...


Amazing perfume oils hand-blended to accompany some of Jennifer's top-selling images...


Jennifer's art is licensed for art prints through Tate and Co.

Tate & Co
- Faerie Glen & Dragonsite

Jennifer's art is licensed for quality cross stitch patterns...


Jennifer's art is licensed for high resolution prints perfect for having a stencil made for one-time tattoo usage...


Signature Tags and Tubes of Jennifer's work are available through MPT:


Order Info

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When ordering from Magickal-Art, we strive to package and ship your order as soon as possible. After placing your order, you should receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation in a timely manner, please contact us at orders@magickal-art.com.

We are a small company, and unfortunately are not able to offer express shipping at this time. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to offer this service. We hope to process all orders within a few business days, but please allow two to three weeks for your order to be processed. We will contact you if a product is backordered or unavailable at the time of purchase.

We package every order to the best of our ability to ensure the safety of your order. If you happen to receive a product that has been damaged during shipping, please contact us as soon as possible at sales@magickal-art.com.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products possible, and we hope that everyone that orders from Magickal Art is more than satisfied with their purchase. If, however, an item is unsatisfactory, we will be more than happy to issue a refund within thirty (30) days of purchase.

Our return policy applies only to Open Edition, Mini, and Matted Prints as well as any of our gift items. We're sorry, but we cannot offer a return on original art, giclees, or limited edition prints, so please keep that in mind while placing your order.

A refund will only be issued to qualifying products returned to us (at the buyer's expense) in the same condition in which they were shipped. We will be more than happy to cover the shipping costs for items that were damaged in transit from us to the buyer.

Before returning an item, please contact us at sales@magickal-art.com for return authorization. Items returned without this authorization may not be accepted.

Wrong Order:
If you happen to receive the wrong item(s) with your order, please contact us at orders@magickal-art.com as soon as possible to make arrangements to receive the correct items.

Questions About Your Order:
Please contact us at orders@magickal-art.com. Please be specific with your question and remember to include your contact information in order to ensure a timely response. If possible, please include your order confirmation.

Customer Service Support:
We do our best to answer all emails within 48 business hours, although, at times, the studio may be closed for a few days to a week at a time. Please check the website homepage, as these times will be noted. If you need to cancel/adjust an order, please do so as soon as possible after placing the order to increase the chances that the order has not been processed.

Secure Transactions:
We use www.2checkout.com for all of our transactions because of their security and reliability. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Product Info

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We use archival quality products whenever possible to offer you the best product available. Archival, conservation, or museum quality are interchangeable terms meaning that the products are acid free and will not degrade your product over its lifetime.

*The mylar bags in which we package the prints are of the best quality, but are not archival. Prints should not be kept in these sleeves permanently.

About Our Open Edition Prints...

All of our Open Edition prints are sized either 5 by 7 inches, 8.5 by 11 inches or 11 by 14 inches and printed on Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper. This paper is bright white, with an ultra-smooth finish, and resists fading for up to 72 years. We also use archival quality inks for all of our prints, so you can be assured that your print will last a lifetime.

All prints come on acid free mounting board and are packaged in a *protective clear sleeve.

About Our Matted Prints...

All of our Matted prints are 11 by 14 inches for ease of framing, with a picture window of 8 by 10 inches. The images are printed on Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper. This paper is bright white, with an ultra-smooth finish, and resists fading for up to 72 years. We also use archival quality inks for all of our prints, so you can be assured that your print will last a lifetime.

All Matted prints come on acid free mounting and mat board and are packaged in a *protective clear sleeve.

About Our ACEOs...

ACEO's--Art Cards Editions and Originals are highly collectible cards sized 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Our aceos are limited to an specified edition number, printed on both sides, archival quality, and come signed and numbered.

The front of the card features the image, title, artist, and edition number. The back has the original artist signature. All aceos are corner rounded and come packaged in a protective clear sleeve. Lamination is available upon request.

About Our Originals...

All originals are matted and mounted with archival quality mounting and mat board and are packaged in a *protective clear sleeve. All originals are signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

About Our Candles...

Our candles are handmade of all-natural palm wax, so they're clean and slow burning. The special palm wax we use creates a gorgeous crystalline pattern on each candle. The candles are removable from the jar, so you can dress them, or carve them before burning. We use high quality fragrances, so the scent will fill your home, altar, or wherever you choose to burn your candles. We offer candles to accompany our spell kits, as well as other fairy magick candles, that smell wonderful, and come in a variety of vibrant colors, packaged in a glistening organza pouch, so you can sample the scent right through the bag. Makes the perfect gift!

About Our Stationery...

Our stationary is printed on bright white, fine linen paper complete with printed envelopes. Our stationery sets come packaged in sets of ten, in a clear sleeve, with a backing board and hanger for ease of display.

About Our Magnets...

All of our magnets are full color and come enclosed in a thick, acrylic magnet frame, measuring 2" by 3".

About Our Keychains...

All of our keychains are full color and come enclosed in a thick, acrylic casing, measuring 1 1/2" by 2".

About Our Note Cards...

Our Note Cards are 4.25" by 5.5", printed on quality linen cardstock in full color, accompanied by beautiful, shimmering stardream envelopes. Note cards come 8 to a pack, in a clear box, adorned with a metallic elastic bow and a hang tab for easy display.

About Our Incense...

Incense Sticks come 20 to a package, and are 11" long. Incense cones are 1" in size and come 20 to a package.


Birthstone Fairies 2012 Magnetic Calendars are printed in full color on an 8.5 by 11 glossy magnetic sheet. Perfect for adorning the fridge! Attractive, convenient and practical!


All of our Birthstone Fairies(TM) Journals are 4" by 6" and contain 100 blank sheets--the perfect size for a diary, spell journal, or agenda! The cover of the journals are painted canvas and include one of the 12 Birthstone Fairies images surrounded by the Fairy's gemstones. All books are adorned with a ribbon bookmarker and charm.

Jewel Boxes...

About Our Gift Bags...

Our gift bags include a bookmark with colored tassel and charm, keychain, magnet, sticker, one package of cone incense (20 cones), all in a beautiful, satin gift pouch.


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For wholesale information, please email us at wholesale@magickal-art.com, or visit our Wholesale Sign Up Page.

Privacy Policy

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The information you may provide when entering, browsing or purchasing from magickal-art.com is used solely for business purposes by Magickal Art, LLC, and its affiliates, Magickal Art, LLC will never collect your personal information to pass on or sell to third parties. We hate spam as much as everyone else and would never willingly contribute to it, or any other abhorrent online practice.

Purchasing from this website

We use 2checkout.com for our online shopping cart because of their security and reliability.

Our secure server combines technical and physical safeguards with employee policies and procedures to protect your information. We work to protect your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information that you provide online at our website. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information, continue to assess new technology for protecting information, and when appropriate, upgrade our information security systems.

Read further about 2checkout.com's privacy and security policy.


Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a user's computer hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies make web-surfing easier for you by saving the information you provide, such as a bread crumb trail of pages visited, so that you can utilize your back button while you are browsing or shopping at our Site. The use of cookies is an industry standard - you'll find them at most major websites. Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies. however, you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or indicate when a cookie is being sent. We never save credit card information in cookies or use cookies to store/retrieve your personal information. Accepting a cookie does not give anyone access to your computer or to any personal information. It is simply a small file in which we keep information that identifies you as a unique user. Our cookies are only stored temporarily while you are browsing, and are deleted after your session is over.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or security within this site,
please contact customer service at: support@magickal-art.com.

This policy is subject to revisions and updates.
Please check back occasionally for changes to our privacy policy.

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